Setting up a new device adapter project

I’m trying to Set up a new device adapter project, and I am following the steps written in the But when I want to add a new project, there isn’t any win32 option. Should I install something else as well?

What exact steps did you take? The link you provided does not lead anywhere. Do you plan to run your adapter with 32-bit Micro-Manager?

I prefer running it on MM 2.0 if it is possible. otherwise I can run it on any other version as well.
Visual Studio project settings for device adapters - Micro-Manager)%20in%20Visual%20Studio

My question was: “Do you plan to run your adapter with 32-bit Micro-Manager?” You wrote that you could not find the win32 target in Visual Studio. That target is only useful if you plan on running 32 bit code. There is no relation with MM 2.0 (both 1.4 and 2.0 build for 64 and 32 bit Windows).

What exactly is the issue?

Oh sorry you are right. no the micromanager is 64 bit