(SETTING SCALE) - Calculating Y in frequency (kHz) and X in time (ms)

Hi, good afternoon.

I am new to ImageJ Image Analysis. My doubt is the following:

How can I measure X and Y that have different scales? I would like to create a square in the picture with the dimensions described below, Y showing kHz and X showing time (ms).
I have an image that is 227 x 227.
I know that the Y axis (227p) is equal to 79 kHz and that the X axis (227 p) is equal to 200 ms.

When I open the option: set scale, I can add only one axis, for example, I know that 227p equals 220 ms. How can I add the kHz information for the Y axis?


You can set the properties of the image:


But I think it won’t help you

Maybe this plugin is more what you would like to do?:


You can maybe change it for your needs. Here the source:


You can check the section about generation and analysis of kymographs in ImageJ. It may give you some ideas: