Setting Rois based on look up points on an image


I use some plugins for imageJ for work but beyond that have no coding or scripting experience. I am really starting from scratch.

For my work I take a image of a phantom which I them run analysis on. This involve selecting ROIs in the desired location. It is a repetative process that I would like to streamline for me and my colleagues.

The problem is, the phantom will never be in exactly the same position. I would like to write a script that could find circles near the corners of the phantom (there is a drastic change in pixel value), the use these three found points to draw the Rois (fixed size and distance from these points).

I think there are three steps to the script I need.

  1. Find the phantoms edge (the outside of the image is white, and should be ignored)
  2. Find these circles (based on a change in pixel value)
  3. Place a predetermined ROI that changes slightly due to orientation and magnification of the phantom.

I am happy to share the image if this is not making sense.

If anyone can help me where to find code that I can copy, paste, and slightly modify so I can build this, all help is much appreciated.

Again I really know nothing about scripting at all. This is my first try at writing code.



I also must use imageJ as the ROIs are then used for a very spesific plugin


I am happy to share the image if 

This will allow us to play and share.