Setting image_channel_path correct

It seems that however I try to change the CP pipeline, the CPA properties file only contains one line concerning the image channels:

image_channel_colors = red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, gray, none, none

If I run the properties file directly in CPA, it gereates an error (attached), until I add a couple of lines looking something like this:

image_channel_colors = red
image_channel_paths = Image_PathName_Orig
image_channel_files = Image_FileName_Orig
image_channel_names = MyChannel

…but since I don’t have separate channels, only one, I somehow want the image_channel_path and image_channel_file to be set immidiately by the CP pipeline, or somehow make CPA ignore the need for those parameters. Does anyone know if this is possible or where the setting is in CP? It seems very inconvenient to have to manually adjust the properties file every time I run a pipeline.


The error message:

An error occurred in the program:
AssertionError: PROPERTIES ERROR (image_channel_paths): Field is missing or empty.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 351, in
File “Properties.pyc”, line 80, in show_load_dialog
File “Properties.pyc”, line 156, in LoadFile
File “Properties.pyc”, line 219, in Validate

Can you tell us what version of CP 2.0 you are using?

This is CP 102011.


Hi Anna,

This is a known issue. See this thread regarding it, although unfortunately there is no simple workaround until we release a new version of CPA.

Ah, there we go - I didn’t spot the thread. I thought I ran the latest version of CP - are you saying there is not any fix for this yet? This error is currently the only error that prevents me from running CP data smoothly into CPA. It’s not that I mind edting the properties file, but with large amounts of data, it becomes kind of tiresome :smile:

Thanks a bunch,