Setting as default app for .dv files (Mac)

I noticed that macOS sets the default app for .dv files to QuickTime (for the obvious purpose of opening conventional/consumer digital video files etc)

After tearing open withvarious tools, it appears to me that the Fiji app doesnt conform to standard apple dev best practices - nanely it dosnt provide a listing of file types it can handle.

Just run cat ~/Desktop/lsregister.dump.txt | grep -i fiji and you will see what I mean. Then run it against an app like VLC etc. You will see that Fiji doesn’t provide UTI bindings or tags.

I can easily set as the default for .dv files manually (right click a .dv file and tell macOS to "Always open with etc), but I need to do it globally for all local users on hundreds of Macs in an enterprise IT capacity. I dont want to set it manually for each user on hundreds of computers - or train everyone.

Im experimenting with deploying a custom file but I think these settings are applied on a per-user basis not on a wider, per-computer basis.

Im wondering if anyone out there has already solved this problem.

Please advise.