Setting custom keyboard shortcuts or Wacom tablet key commands

Is it possible to set custom shortcuts in qupath for some of the commands that do not currently have any shortcuts? I think that would be a nice feature, especially if it could also be set for custom scripts that a user would invoke regularly.

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It could indeed be a nice feature; QuPath doesn’t have it yet.

There’s a hack that seems to work on a Mac, but possibly nowhere else:


The shortcut rebinding mostly worked fine on Windows10 as well, just the one for the Selection tool was structured differently and doesn’t seem to rebind well.

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Oh good, thanks Mike – the Selection tool is hopefully just an outlier then since it (accidentally) had a duplicate accelerator. Couldn’t remember if anything else worked so I assumed the worst.

Sidenote: I’ve generally only needed to run a single command multiple times – for that I use the command list [Ctrl + L] and ensure ‘Auto close’ is unchecked. Leaving that window open makes the command readily accessible with a double-click, without needing an accelerator.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 16.40.26

My worry with custom shortcuts is that they may well conflict with a new shortcut-deserving command added in a future version.

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That’s good to know. I will check that out today. @petebankhead do you perchance know how to use that script to bind buttons on a Wacom tablet? Perhaps using the jpen library? Java/groovy is not really my strongest language :sweat_smile:

No idea, I’m afraid. JPen is pretty old, not Wacom-specific, and (as far as I know) not updated – I suspect there is no straightforward way to access most of the Wacom features from Java.

Hi Pete,
As you suggested there is a hack on mac. I just copied image below so that people may find it useful.
I use keyboard and mouse to scroll and zoom. And this is how I do it efficiently on mac.
But I really need a windows shortcut option, please consider adding custom shortcuts.
Best wishes




So, I’ve been googling a bit and found this page: Guide to using the API · STU SDK
Maybe it would be relevant to look into this as an addition to the software?