Setting crop parameters in pose_cfg.yaml

I’ve been using DeepLabCut in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Anaconda Env and I have a practical question:
=> My videos are 640x480 and I’ve used crop parameters for frame extraction as follows: [width_min, width_max; height_min, height_max] = [ 255, 537; 93, 446 ]

Now, I’m about to start training and I’m editing the pose_cfg.yaml file.
I suppose correct setings should be: leftwidth = 255; rightwidth = 537; bottomheight = 446; topheight = 93 as frame origin is 0,0 at top-left corner.

=> However, I’m not sure about what minsize means. Is it the width*height?
From user_guide docs or in the papers it says: " define dimensions and limits for cropping "

answer provided here: But indeed, this is a better forum Q than GitHub issue, thanks! :slight_smile: