Set "show cursor location" to pixel instead of micron

Is it possible to set “show cursor location” to pixel coordinates instead of micron. Thank you

Yes, under Edit → Preferences… change the value if Use calibrated location text.

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This is an old thread, but I had a related question. I was wondering if there was a way to “strip off” the pixel size info from the image using a Groovy script command, so that when I do cell detection, all the measurements, smoothing, etc. are done and computed in terms of pixels rather than microns.

In the opposite direction, is there a way to add pixel size by script command (not double clicking the pixel size to change manually)? I can get the pixel size info by using getCurrentImageData().getServer().getPixelCalibration().getPixelWidthMicrons(), but is there a way to set it to a value, e.g., NaN, 0.25, etc., temporarily? Thank you!

The script does not let you set 0 or -1, however, so you might need to do something else to turn off the pixel size.

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Thank you! Setting it to null did the trick for me.


Ah, thanks, did not think to try that.