Set scale automatically from .atc file dino-lite microscope

I’m using microscopes from Dino-lite. With this microscopes there is also a image software “DinoCapture” where photos are taken and in this tool measurements can also be made. However I dont find it as advanced for analysis as Fiji/ImageJ so I would rather use that. In DinoCapture however the software knows the correct magnification of the microscope pictures. It seems that it reads this information from a “.atc” file that is in a subfolder with the same name as the microscope picture.This file seems to be in a binary format, it is at least not possible to open in a text editor.

Does anyone know how to extract this information such that ImageJ can automatically set the scale when opening a file? I often change the magnification to get a good sharpness on my images so it would be very convenient that the scale would be set automatically. (So far I just export the pictures with a scalebar in the images but I don’t like this solution since it forces me to always have a scalebar on the images)

Here is a example file how the file structure looks (241.2 KB)
So if one would download dinoCapture and import the folder “example_dino_lite” in the zip file one would see that the software knows the magnification. The .atc file is in Picture/JPG/A012 - 20190703_132149.atc