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I have analysed a series of images in the same way. In addition to the number of particles and the area fraction, I want to find a difference in the morphology of the particles. I have calibrated each image in microns (as you can see below)
Here is some of my macro code:
run(“Set Scale…”, “distance=3.861 known=1 unit=µm global”);
run(“Set Measurements…”, “area mean standard min perimeter bounding shape feret’s area_fraction limit redirect=None decimal=6”);
run(“Analyze Particles…”, “size=2-Infinity pixel display exclude summarize add”);
run(“Clear Results”);

The question is: There are different types of measurements in the first group in FIJI–>Analyse->Set Measurements with 18 checkboxes. What are suitable descriptions to describe the morphology or the difference in the morphology of particles? The ImageJ User Guide describe each individual checkbox, but mostly very briefly …

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Maybe you haven’t read (seen) this part: (circularity in “analyze particles”)
30.2 Analyze Particles…
Sorry if that doesn’t answer your question.

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