Set different scope objectives in Micro-manger


I have a fully manual scope Leitz conected to a camera canon 11000D, and I would like to know how to make different pixel calibrations without setting a microscope, on Micro-manager

I found a way to do so with fully automated set-up (like in the manual and screencast), but I really just want a basic set-up - camera ion manual microscope, no shutter no electronic light controler, etc etc.
The only connection to the my mac is a camera

One proposal:

  1. Perform spatial calibration for each lens
  2. Store calibration details in a CSV table
  3. Use the Calibration Menu Tool distributed with the BAR Update site

To simplify things, the tool allows you to generate a demo CSV file that you can edit to match your objective lenses. If needed, you can access the source code of the tool by shift-clicking on BAR>Tool Installers>Install Calibration Menu


The problem is that I cannot install BAR with Micro-manager, somehow :S.
Thank you for the suggestion anyway.

@Raquel_Pereira is not really somehow, is it? You seemed to have ignored my suggestion when you asked about it, so it is not that surprising you haven’t solved the issue. I just extended my proposed suggestion, hopefully it will be now easier to install BAR on Micro-Manager. Do let us know if not!

Just add Objectives from the Demo device to your Micro-Manager hardware configuration. Label them like your real objectives. Make pixel size settings as described on the Micro-Manager website. Make a Preset configuration group that contains only the Objectives.

The remaining problem is that whenever you change the objective, you also need to change the Objective preset accordingly. It turns out that is too difficult to do in a diligent way for most people, but maybe you are diligent enough to always remember to change the objective preset whenever you change the real objective. For the less diligent people among us who like to tinker with hardware, you could think about using hall effect sensors and magnets to encode your objectives.

Thank you :innocent: :slight_smile: