Set Default Zoom

I want to set the default zoom for imported images. Currently my images are opening at 50%, which I can change with the magnifying glass or CTRL SHIFT +, etc but I would like to permanently auto-set this to a lower value for when I’m opening a large number of images. Anyone know a quick fix?

Hi @skruberk,

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The only thing I could think of that’s quick is to make a scrip that “wraps” opening an image and
adds an option for zoom level on top.

If you put the code below into a file at,
then you’ll get a new menu option File > my open that acts just like Open, but
zooms to the level you specify.

Let us know how it goes

The code

#@ File file
#@ Integer( label = "zoom", value = 50) zoom 

import ij.IJ;

zoomargs=String.format("zoom=%d x=0 y=0", zoom )
imp = IJ.openImage(file.getAbsolutePath());"Set... ", zoomargs);

Hi @skruberk,

Did you noticed that there is a “tiling” option (Window>Tile) in Fiji that would automatically adjust the zoom (and the size of the window)?