Set a default view for Omero iviewer

I recently discovered the iviewer and was amazed by its capabilities and modern layout. I was planning to embed the slide views from Omero iviewer onto a testing platform. The thing is, the default view loads up the gallery view and the settings view, which obstructs the image view. Is there a way to minimize these tabs automatically? It would be awesome if there is a URL field or small code change that could enable this. Thanks so much.

See: and go to the section that says: To replace …

  • Damir

I set the iviewer as default, but I’m still running into the issue where the tabs are still loaded upon the initial view. Is there anything else I could do perhaps? Thank you for your quick response.

Ah, sorry. I was too quick with my answer. What you’re asking is more a @will-moore question. One easy suggestion: get a bigger monitor :slight_smile:

  • Damir

Haha, I’m with you there :joy:

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Thanks for the feedback.
We already have a request to hide the thumbnails panel at and I’ve updated that to include hiding the settings panel.

I don’t know if it’s useful, but if an image is in more than 1 Dataset, and you don’t include the Dataset in the URL, then the thumbnails panel should be hidden.


Understood, I would absolutely love to see this feature deployed in the future. I will be sure to implement the Dataset URL feature. Thanks for your time.

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