Set a Color (roi)

Hello, i want to give a roi a new Color.

I know that i can use: roi.setStrokeColor(Color.white);
But in this case i have three doubles: Red, green and blue. Is there an option to put this values in the brackets?

Which case are you referring to?
The stroke color is that of the selection curve only and has no relation to the image pixels.

Have you tried it? FIJI ImageJ ROI Manager - Setting Fill Colors - #2 by Bio7

Hi @Jen_s,
If you look into the ImageJ API, the Roi class setStrokeColor method takes an argument of type java.awt.Color
Then, look at the java.awt.Color class and the different constructors that are available. You could use the Color (int r, int g, int b) constructor, but you still would need to cast your double values to ints.