Series of 'module not found' errors

I have worked through the instructions to install DLC and as far as I know, done everything, but I’m getting a series of module not found errors.

I’ve installed Anaconda, imported the dlc-windowsGPU.yaml environment file in the Anaconda GUI from the downloaded DeepLabCut-master folder, installed TensorFlow and wxPython. I’m on a Win10 64bit machine with an nVidia GPU (all those drivers installed).

In ipython, when I go to run the GUI, I cd to the deeplabcut-master folder and type

import deeplabcut

Module not found errors

  1. cv2 (fixed by Googling how to install that)
  2. ruamel (again, fixed with Google)
  3. tensorflow.contrib

At this point I’m going to take the hint that something is wrong with my installation. All and any help appreciated! Let me know if you need more information.

Dear @AndrewDWilson,

Welcome to the Forum! I’m sorry it’s not working so far, are you sure that you are in the conda environment (as e.g. cv2 is part of the environment)?


" imported the dlc-windowsGPU.yaml environment file in the Anaconda GUI"

It’s easier for me to troubleshoot if you follow these instructions here:

OK, both those comments helped :slight_smile: I’ve done the install via those instructions and loaded the GUI!

I’m a Python environment newb, so I’m still getting my teeth into it. Thanks!

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