Sequential MDAs

I have set up a script to acquire three sequential sets of images. The simplest way I found is to sequentially load and run three Acquisition Setting Files. The script (below) works fine with the exception that all the files are save with the same prefix, despite each acquisition settings file having the following entries though they differ in their prefix.

“save”: true,
“root”: “D:\Temp\0630_Testing\”,
“prefix”: “Pre”,

Is there anything else that needs to be done to activate correct file naming? Perhaps this is relevant, manually loading the acquisition settings files also does not update the file path/name. Perhaps this is a bug that has since been fixed, as my version is not particularly new.

Acquisition Script:

// file locations
String rootDirName = “D:/Temp/MMTesting/”;
String acqPre = “AcqSettingsPre.txt”;
String acqActivate = “AcqSettingsActivate.txt”;
String acqPost = “AcqSettingsPost.txt”;

//Assign mmc to the Core
mmc = mm.getCore();

long waitMs = 1000;


I did not test this specific case directly, but made the underlying changes that should make this work. If all goes well, this update will be in tonight’s build. Would be great if you can test in the near future and report back if it works as expected.