Separated OMERO web-servers for private and public users

Dear OME team,

We are going into production with OMERO and are planning to use two separate web servers, one dedicated to private users with LDAP configuration, and the other one servicing the public workflows and configured to point at our existing OMERO.server, like explained in this paragraph from Publishing data using OMERO.web — OMERO 5.6.3 documentation.
My question is, will it be possible to move data easily from private to public groups in this configuration, in the same way we can move data in our “proof of concept” OMERO instance where the public user is configured in the same omero-web server as the private users?

All the best,

Hi Claire,

The moving of data is completely unaffected by any number or configuration of web servers you add. All the chgrp logic is in the OMERO.server, and each OMERO.web server is really just an additional client. Just to clarify, the LDAP configuration is on the OMERO.server itself. In theory, users of both your OMERO.web servers can login using LDAP credentials.

The reason we added a second OMERO.web for our production server was so that regular OMERO.web users wouldn’t have their experience change with the public-user settings. It doesn’t prevent them from logging in via the public OMERO.web.

Just a warning on moving data: The chgrp action can be quite an intensive operation and you may run into issues if you try to move “large” amounts of data. You’ll have to see what works for you, but moving data in smaller batches may help if you’re having trouble.



Hi Will,

thank you very much for your answer, that’s exactly what I wanted to ensure!
That makes indeed a lot of sense since the LDAP configuration is on the OMERO.server itself.

All the best,