Separate a Multi Image Tif to Multiple JPGs

I was wondering if there was a way to convert a multi image tif file into multiple jpg files in fiji. So like I have a tif file that is a combination of 600 pictures, I can manually convert each one, but I wanted to just convert all of them.

I appreciate your advice.

[update] I am sorry I missed mutli-tiff in your original message, I am not sure whether it is possible there…
[update 2] just tested, it is possible to do such conversion there

I can recommend faststone image viewer for that:
Apart of being the best free image viewing program, they have a batch conversion mode.

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Hi @jshackle

As this question was tagged with imageJ, I’m going to venture an ImageJ solution.

You can very easily save out a multi-tiff file as JPGs by opening the TIF then using [ File > Save As > Image Sequence ]

One of the output options is JPEG:


Hit OK and select where to save it and you’ll have a folder with 600 (or however many) JPEGs.

Unless you have a very good reason to use JPEG though, I would seriously consider a lossless format like PNG which typically has similar compression ratios.