Send data from other app directly to Fiji/ImageJ

Dear ImageJ Devels,

I am pondering the possibility to send image data directly from a python app, python-microscopy, to ImageJ (or rather Fiji) without creating intermediate files with saving and loading.

This would ideally work cross-platform, but at minimum on macOS, and its use case is the desire to use imageJ plugins on images created in PYME with comparative ease. This also implies that a ImageJ GUI interface is running so that I can then manipulate the image in the ImageJ GUI. I can send image data with required metadata in principle.

Some brief googling suggested the extistence of ImageJ Server but I am neither sure this is the best solution or how functional this is when used with the latest on macOS.

I am also prepared to learn this is too fragile to attempt right now, will then fall back to the old save and import routine.

I agree that it would be desirable - I looked at this ages and ages ago, and even got as far as starting to code something up (although I don’t think the approach I was going to take would be any good - it was going to rely on Pyro for IPC running inside jython in ImageJ). I think things have come a long way since then though - the easiest approach might be to run ImageJ from within PYME and use the javabridge module, although I think it would be nicer if you could send images ot an existing ImageJ process… I’ll add an ImageJ bridge to the issues/wishlist and try and find the tie to nut out what it might look like.

Great, sounds like a good plan!