Selection from Colocalization



I am using imageJ for some colocalization analysis. I am trying to find a way to select the nuclei of certain cells, which I have stained.
Is there a way to select area which have both the DAPI and NeuN stain, to then use in further colocalization analysis against a third variable?



Welcome to the Forum! Let’s see if we can help you out…

So to start - it seems your main questions are not yet about colocalization analysis, but first properly segmenting your nuclei. So - for now you need to focus on Segmentation. There is a helpful “Segmentation in Fiji” workshop and corresponding slides that can help get you started.

Of course - you are going one extra step and wanting to only select those nuclei that have both DAPI and NeuN stains… so you will inevitably need to do a bit of scripting. Here are some other helpful links to get you started for that:

Once you have those regions selected - you can do colocalization analysis, using Coloc 2.

If I were you - I would start with this workflow:

  1. segment nuclei using DAPI staining - create ROIs for all DAPI+ nuclei
  2. move from ROI-to-ROI and measure NeuN staining - set whatever threshold you want and based on that, save or delete that ROI
  3. save those ROIs and then use them to apply within Coloc 2 for your subsequent analysis.

Perhaps someone else has a better way to proceed… but this will at least get you started. If you have more specific questions - just let us know.

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I followed the links on segmentation you supplied and was able to write a macro to do this for me.
Currently just doing this to all my images