Selection from 16bit tif composite file just get one channel

Sample image and/or code

Untreated_image1.tif (16.0 MB)



I am trying to select from an ROI just a region from one image. However, I can only get 1 channel from the composite image. I can only get 2 channel if I change to RGB but it does not work for measuring the intensity of the different channel.

Analysis goals

I would like to get all the channels from my image in my selection to make a new file from the internal clipboard and then analyse or save as tiff. So then I can add it to my macros.

I have not found information in the forum to solve this problem.

Thank you for any help or guide.

Right click on the ROI and select “Duplicate”. You’ll be asked if you want to duplicate the stack. This should do the trick.

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Oh thank you, I forgot about that and it worked perfect.

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