Selecting specific regions

Hi everybody,

it would be very helpful if it were possible to select a specific region of an image, which in my case had no centre.

I would like to work out the area fraction of each of these three areas (illustrated as the black rings). This is in hopes of finding significant differences in area coverage between each of the three regions.

I am sure I could would this out manually and very slowly but I have hundreds of these photographs to analyse and so a speedier method would be incredibly useful.

If it were possible to do this I could just exchange to a binary image and find the area fraction of white to black in each of the specific areas.

Welcoming any ideas!



If you wish to obtain images of this type :

Image-logical operations

then read this:
Figure 45 Logical operations using the ROI Manager

Thank you Mathew,

Seems like the appropriate method to use!

All the best,