Selecting a region automatically in an image

Is there a automatic way of selecting a region in an image based on its geometry. I selected this region manually but I want to do it for more than 100 images. I want to only work on this selected region.

In order to do such a thing automatically, there must a feature that can be detected for processing. When you say “geometry,” what you are actually saying is that there is something about the image feature that you’ve outlined that makes it distinct from the region outside. However, looking at the image, I am not certain what makes the outlined region distinct as compared to everything else. Can you clarify what makes the outlined area different in this image (and other images of this sort)?

This is a cross section of a mouse testis. There are many seminiferous tubules in it (generally round in shape and some appears incomplete due to the cross section). I want to choose the one that is complete from the image (the one that I marked).

Could you post the same picture as above, but the original without the manual annotation?

This is the picture.

I took some time to try to automatically segment the central region. Unfortunately, there are no features sufficiently distinct enough to identify the central area as a region of interest as opposed to a neighboring one. I think that manual annotation with IdenitfyObjectsManually is your best option.

Hi May I ask how to manually select the ROI? I’d like to only analyze the intensity in each cell within a certain area

Use the IdentifyObjectsManually module- that’ll allow you to circle only your areas of interest.