Select points in one image only in a stack?

Hello folks,

Is there a way to use the multi-point selections tool in an image stack, and make selections stick to this image only ? Right now, if I select a point and navigate through the stack, the selection is conserved all along.
I like the selection tool because I can easily export the coordinates with save as xy coordinates and this is almost what I need. Unfortunately, I would need the output file to contain information about which z-slice the selection was made.
I know that I can “explode” the stack and proceed image by image, but I would like to avoid that, for practical reasons.

If there is another tool out there that might help, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Hi Nicoco,

With ImageJ version 1.50f, multipoint tool indeed works as you wish . Do you have the latest version? If not, try updating [Help > Update ImageJ…]


Thanks for your quick answer !

I updated ImageJ and the tool seems great, unfortunately when I use the save as xy coordinates I lose the Z information. I guess I need a save as xyz coordinates option. Any idea how I might accomplish that ?

Hi @nicoco,

store ROIs in ROI manager and then run ‘measure’ from the ROI manager GUI. Be sure to set “stack position” in the measurement option.

[Analyze > Set Measurement] check ‘centroid’ and ‘stack position’ are selected
[Edit > Selection > Add to Manager]
then in Roi Manager, click ‘Measure’ button.



Thanks !
Little less handy than just saving, but does the job :slightly_smiling: