Select only the tissue boundary

Hello, I am analyzing gastric tissue and my risk zones are at the tissue boundaries. I would like to know if it is possible to select only the boundaries of the tissue - like we do with simple tissue detection.

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I am guessing you want something like Simple tissue detection, followed by Expand annotations in the Objects menu, like in the previous question. You would need the added step of subtracting the annotations from one another, generating an X micron border annotation, rather than deleting the outer annotation like they did.

Is that roughly what you are looking for?

I used the script that you posted in that question and I got this:

Now I want to generate tiles (Region Identification > Tiles and Superpixels) between the two regions.

The manual way would be quickest, though I think there are scripts elsewhere on the forum that deal with subtracting annotations. In fact I think there is a whole thread on it. But for now, you can select the inner annotation, then CTRL+click to select the outer annotation, and then right click for the context menu, Annotations, and then Subtract selected annotations.

In a bit of a rush.

The ‘Remove interior’ option should be able to do this automatically (even with a negative expansion).

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Oops, yep, Pete is right, as long as you have the correct flags checked, you just need to remove the outer annotation, which the previous script also does. If you want to run SLICs or something else afterwards, just select the annotation, or in a script use
prior to running your detection creating command.

Thanks. I will try that now and I will get back to you