Select/delete objects that are above a specific area

Dear all,
We need to select objects within annotations that are larger than a specific area (in microns) and subsequently delete them from the annotation.
Does somebody have an idea?

There are a few ways to do this. Assuming you’re using v0.2.0-m12 and have measurements of the area for each object (e.g. you used cell detection or Add shape features), three methods are:

  1. Manually from a measurement table:
  • Create a measurement table
  • Click on the area column to rank objects by areas
  • Select the ones you want to remove in the table (which will now be in consecutive rows)
  • Use Objects → Delete… → Delete selected objects
  1. With the help of a classifier:
  • Use Classify → Object classification → Create single measurement classifier to assign a distinct classification to the objects
  • Right-click on the classification under the Annotations tab, and choose Select objects by classification
  • Use Objects → Delete… → Delete selected objects
  1. With a short script, e.g.
def toDelete = getDetectionObjects().findAll {measurement(it, 'Nucleus: Area') > 20}
removeObjects(toDelete, true)

You may need to replace the measurement name ('Nucleus: Area') depending upon what objects you have.


In all cases I assumed you had detections and could apply it everywhere (not specific to certain annotations).

If you need something more specific, please outline very exactly what you need - ideally with screenshots and more details about how the objects were first created, and why this is required.