Segmenting mitosis

I wanted to analyse cells in mitosis. I have cells labelled with H2B-cherry and at this point I would like to look at mitotic cells. How do I segment these images? The problem is that when the cells divide I of course get 2 nuclei but I would like that to be segmented as one object and the non-dividing cells should also be segmented as one object. I also hope to bring these images in to cell analyst in the future and I believe I would need to segment in this way to be able to use them to train the classifier.
Best regards

Hi Fredrik,

Since the usual workflow in CellProfiler is to identify the nuclei first, and then the surrounding cell, this assay would be problematic, as you suspect. What are the cellular features that you would look for visually that would distinguish a single dividing object comprised of a 2 nuclei, versus a single non-dividing object? Posting a couple of example images along a description of the features to look for might be helpful in figuring this out.