Segmented line with ruler like intersections

I need a macro tool in imagej (or any other free software) to draw a segmented line ROI on an image, that has intersections in regularly spaced intervals - like a ruler. Say I want to draw a line ROI on an image that has additional overlays drawn perpendicular to the line each 20 µm. The intersecting lines are only a visual guide.
Im not proficient enough with macros to do it myself. But maybe with some tips and pointers I could work it out

Hi @cripcate,

The approach really depends upon what you want to do with the line in the end. Are you measuring intensity profiles, counting objects, measuring object thickness, &c

A macro could easily accomplish these in a number of ways. Writing them for simple cases is not too hard and there’s a great function reference and language reference.

Perhaps you could clarify your end goal for the forum?

Hi maybe look at the following post:

How to split a spline at regular intervals

Hey, sorry for the late reply and the vague description. this macro was exactly what i needed. thanks

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