Segmentation of the egg components in brightfield image in Fiji

I have a lot of brightfield images of a tapeworm eggs and I want to perform some measurements of the whole eggs and yolk. I need to automatically segment the egg components. However, I struggle with it.
The threshold adjustment is not effective due to the shadows inside of the egg. I tried to filter the image and to find edges, but the edges are not continuous. While some parts are clearly distinguishable from the background, others are not.
Would anyone have a suggestion on what to try to get an (semi)automated workflow?
This is my first post, so I cannot attach an image…
Thank you a lot.

the image is below:

Thank you for uploading an image, though I want to point out that it is not an original image.

Sample image and/or code

  • Upload an original image file here directly or share via a link to a file-sharing site (such as Dropbox) – (make sure however that you are allowed to share the image data publicly under the conditions of this forum).
  • Share a minimal working example of your macro code.

The scale bar and other red lines and numbers complicate the already difficult problem.

Generally for these kinds of problems I would look at Weka to start. There are many, many forum posts on using Weka.

thank you for the comment. the scale bar is initially in the image, but I have an image without the red labels. I will have a look at the Waka.

Good luck! And to be perfectly honest, given the other blur and focus issues in the area surrounding the egg, I am not sure what you want will be easily possible. If you had a clean background I would say maybe.