Segmentation of Neurits/Dentrits

Sample image and/or code

Image attached
original.tif (404.1 KB) afterDilandFill.tif (59.2 KB)


This is a binary image derived from an image generated by fluorescence microsopy after edge filter,dilatation and flood filling.

Analysis goals

The general goal is to get the area of dendites or neurites; In particular, based on the presented image, I want to merge the areas that belong “together” along the (imagined) neurit(dendrite.


I have some ideas about how I could face this problem. But I wonder if there is (acctually I#m sure there should be) a common method that will solve that problem. But I got lost in my search (to note: I’m absolutely no expert on that field). For me it would be even helpfull to get some keywords or links to address this issue

afterDilandFill.tif (59.2 KB)