Segmentation of membrane marker without nuclei marker

Hi! How are you?? I am a VERY new user to CellProfiler and FIJI, and I would like to know which pipeline could I use for segmenting epithelial tissue cells that are marked with a membrane marker for ZO1. The signal is poor and there’s a lot of background noise. I wish to obtain an skeleton and the vertices coordenates of each cell as an output. I would also have to track the cells in time. So far I found a pipeline at the forum but I had terrible results. I can not attach examples of the images I want to analyze because I am a new member of the forum. Thank you in advance

Hi! I’m new user too and I was able to upload photos to my posts after I had a little “conversation” with the forum’s bot. It took maybe 5min. Check your inbox and reply to the messages. It will lift your new user limitations when you’re done. I think you have more chances of getting help with some photos and a pipeline.
Good luck!

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Thank you for your answer! I had a friendly conversation with him and now I’ve got my permission. I will upload some images. Thank you!