Segmentation of Cervical Cell Nuclei

Hi I am a undergraduate biology student with no experience in programming. I have been trying to identify the nuclei of cells from Pap smears using the IdentifyPrimaryObjects module. However, all of my attempts have led to either oversegmentation or no segmentation. Can you show me a sample pipeline that I can use to segment the nuclei? I have attached five of the images as examples.

Hey,@zrahma04 , I am in the same situtation here. I know that it has been a while, but were you able to solve this?

Hi @Ezequiel_Dantas,

For histopath images, you can explore “Unmix colors” module.
Feel free to write back with pipeline & sample images. We may be able to help you better.


Hi @Ezequiel_Dantas,

If you need help getting started using CellProfiler for image analysis, we recommend watching this CellProfiler introductory workshop, which is available on the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis YouTube Channel. You can download the corresponding written tutorial on Translocation from the CellProfiler Github page. If you run into trouble with your pipeline, this forum is a great place to return for more ideas.

Good luck!