Segmentation Help on a Rock Face

Hello all,

It’s good to meet you all. Feel free to call me CJ. I’m working on some research where I’m supposed to segment a rock face on a freshly made tunnel. However, I’m getting some odd results and I’m not sure what adjustments I need to make in order to make my segmentation look more like the examples I see. Can anyone provide some guidance? I’m also willing to PM you for more details. I’m new to ImageJ so I quite frankly have no idea what I’m doing.

Again, great to meet you all. I look forward to your responses.

Hi @CJ-DoYou
To help you we need, at a minimum, an image and a description of what (a size? A geometric shape? Etc) that you want to segment.

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Hello CJ,
I would second Mathews suggestion that you start with an example image to look at. Then I’m sure someone can help you.
Good Luck