Segmentation->Geometry->finite element mesh

Please advise a newbie, I am completely lost in the manuals, especially since the real pluginы are already different. I installed FIJI.
The idea is to create a geometry from already segmented stacked binary image raw or tiff (to get surfaces of volumes smoother than the voxel discretization) to upload it later for finite element meshing.
I read the forum and found two advices how to do that:

  1. in “3D viewer” plugin to either do “content-add mesh” or to export surfaces. But videos on the plugin page are for some older version, there is no longer “Content-add mesh” command present. “Display as surfaces” leaves blank window, exporting to binary STL says “no mesh to export”.
  2. in “Segmentation” plugin to do “create surface”. But again this advice is obsolete, this command is no longer present in the plugin.

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