"See log for details ..." But where can I find it?

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t run into this problem earlier - but I don’t know where to look for the log file ?
Specifically, I get a warning in “NamesAndTypes” (CP 2.2.0 - mac os x sierra) about image set errors with the (see log for details).
I don’t see CellProfiler writing any log files and in the preferences there does not seem to be an option to specify the log file name/path.
Any hints on where I can track down the log file ?

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I’m not sure the log is actually accessible (sorry!), but usually that error comes from not having your NamesAndTypes, Metadata, and/or Groups all correctly configured - feel free to post if you need help getting that set up.

Thanks for your help . I have meanwhile found the mistake in the Metadata/NamesAndTypes folder. It just took me quite a while as for this particular pipeline many images in many different folders had to be imported and I was hoping that looking in the logfile might speed up the process.