See Cell Measurements interactively

Hi people,

I’ve been using DisplayDataonImage , generating many images with all the cell measurements, stacking them on ImageJ later and taking a look through them to find the best values to filter out unwanted candidate objects, because they aren’t actually cells. Just stray noise. Normally I use FormFactor, IntegratedIntensity and IntensityCorrelation on two channels. Sometimes a few others, too.

That’s very cumbersome, so is there a way to visualize the image, click or hover over a cell, and see on-the-fly the measurements displayed on a sidebar? I don’t mean making the measurements on the fly, just using the output CP has already generated.

I can use CP Analyst and train the model for a positive class, but I really prefer to watch the measurements myself, look at the cells, have a coffee and think about the best measurements to use. So, is there a way to interactively see the measurement results on the screen while viewing the whole image?

Oh, and thanks again for this wonderful piece of software that’s been helping me a lot!



Hi Roberto,

In short, we don’t have that sort of functionality. But you’re already hit on the avenue I would recommend, namely using CPA. I can certainly appreciate the desire to maintain a sense of “closeness” to the cell data :smiley: At the same time, when you’re dealing with highly multivariate data, the sheer volume of data may make it infeasible to pick just one measurement to do the job, much less figure out which one to use.

Our typical strategy for phenotypic screening is to make as many measurements as possible, using as many of the measurement modules as we can, and then let CPA do the hard work of sorting out which measurements and cutoffs are required. This works pretty well, even if the phenotypes are rare or subtle. So I would still commend it to you as an possible approach, if you’re willing.