Search not working on website

The search bar at doesn’t seem to be working. No big deal, as Google site searching does the trick, but you might want to fix.

Thanks for the report, @mellertd. We’ve opened an issue. Do you mind commenting there and telling us exactly what you see? If I type, e.g., “transform” in the search bar in my Firefox browser, I see results appearing.

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@stefanv This is what I see:


And many minutes later, still going.

Are these errors a problem?


OK, on my system, searching for transform does yield a result. It’s just that the three dots keep going forever. So my confusion was that when there are no results, it doesn’t say “No results” and appears to be searching forever.

@mellertd Do you see results with “transform”?

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No results on my Desktop. Weirdly, it works on my phone. Desktop is a problem in both Safari and Firefox.

Just to help narrow down the issue: One result for transform on chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Arch Linux.

My Chrome is embarrassingly outdated, time for an update!

Update: It works on my laptop at home but not at lab. Seems to work on guest wifi but not campus wifi. There has to be some kind of weird filtering going on, or some sort of fluke.

So it seems the problem is on my end. Cheers!