Search via REST API

Is there a way to search for artifacts on via REST API?

[This is how it’s being done on maven central: example, architecture]

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I don’t know if there is a way but I just want to share that this would be super awesome, e.g. to figure out the latest version of a package from cmd line.

The SciJava Maven repository uses Nexus v2. Here is one blog post talking about the Nexus v2 REST API. The base URL prefix will be But you might need a login; I’m not sure if any of the endpoints work anonymous. And I could not immediately find the official documentation for Nexus v2.

If it’s helpful, we could upgrade the SciJava Maven repository to v3.

Here is one way, without needing a dedicated API:

curl -fs | grep '<release>' | sed 's_.*>\(.*\)<.*_\1_'
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Yes am writing a java client for the maven ReST service. The prototype is almost ready it’s in juglab/nexus-client:


For the benefit of others: we found the v2 API documentation. It is here: