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Thanks a lot @PerrineGilloteaux and @haesleinhuepf for pushing the BISE search forward! :trophy:

A couple of thoughts:

  1. I noticed that the summary comes back in HTML. @haesleinhuepf Since the search GUI is written in Swing, it should work to prepend <html> to the summary value, such that the HTML is rendered nicely. We could consider sanitizing it first, to avoid some unlikely scenario of someone hacking the BISE site to inject some crazy HTML, but the Swing HTML renderer doesn’t support most (any?) of the crazy features that would cause a problem there, so it might be fine to simply pass it through directly.

  2. I see that the Summary is duplicated in two places. We should unify that, no?

  3. I see there is a Link. We could make that into a SearchActionFactory: if a Link entry exists in the metadata, then include a “Web site” button that launches it in browser. What do you think?


I’d vote for no filtering, i.e. show all results, to avoid confusion why something can be found on the website but not through the ImageJ search bar.

Instead, I’d suggest to sort the results by relevance and show ImageJ-related items first.

On a related note, the requires field in the BISE database lists sometimes ImageJ, sometimes Fiji, and often together with others such as KNIME. So if my tools can run both in ImageJ and in KNIME, do I list both as requirements, even if only one of them is mandatory? How do I indicate mandatory vs. “optional” requirements? And how should the ImageJ search bar know which ones to show?


Hey all,

I just updated the BISE search on my fork. It’s almost ready to ship.
It’s actually a super nice feature, because now you can search for Plugins and Commands which are currently not installed in your Fiji :partying_face:

I decided to not show any thumbnails as loading images from the internet takes too long. Instead, the NEUBIAS logo is shown. I hope that’s ok @Kota?


In order to make this happen, please add a column type on server side. I can then show it in the results. @Kota @PerrineGilloteaux

If you want to give it a try, please download scijava-search.jar , put it in the jars subfolder of your Fiji installation, replace the former scijava-search.jar and restart Fiji.

Looking forward to any feedback!



Great @haesleinhuepf !

OK for me with the icon and without any filter on search results. Looking forward to feedbacks!