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hello, @vcaldas and @haesleinhuepf ,
here is a text example of json export, enabled on the TEST version (do not tag anything here it would be lost):
where neuron has to be replaced by your request.
It would return a json file to be parsed:
such as

[{"title":"nctuTW","search_api_relevance":"5"},{"title":"ORION ","search_api_relevance":"4"},{"title":"neuTube (or NeuTu)","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"MeasureNeurons","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"NBLAST","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"Neurolucida","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"NeuronStudio","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"APP (All-path pruning)","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"CREMI challenge","search_api_relevance":"3"},{"title":"NeuriteTracer","search_api_relevance":"2"}]

If you want two terms, add + (e.g. neuron+segmentation), or & (e.g neuron&segmentation) if you want to search for one word or/and another one. We can add whatever field has requested, let me now your requirements. SUch as the description summary, the dependencies (the platform required , the type (collection, component, workflow) links…, operation performed, topics, etc…

Does it help?

Please note that the example is anble on, if you validate, I will add it on the next version that will be deployed this week.

for all: Just a reminder that you can follow NEUBIAS as well in FIJI in update sites:, should we merge the two source repositories in one?


Hey @PerrineGilloteaux,

that sounds great! I’m happy to incorporate that in the BISE-search.

Regarding the repository merging: That might not be necessary as scijava-search is part of core-Fiji. Thus, everybody would get access to BISE without the need to install an update site. I think that has huge potential. I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to communicate that 14 months ago, when the search-bar was invented. Now we’ll manage it :wink:

Thanks for your support!



This would be super great , many thanks for this . What is the wish list ? Title, url link to the Entry full description in bise , dependencies ( e.g Fiji, cell profiler , icy…) ; operation performed ( tags based on Edam bio imaging ontology) ; summary description OR full text description ? More fields ? Less fields ? And then people click on the link to know more ?


I’d say title, short description and link are minimum. The rest is up to you or up to the community to decide. I personally would love to get a link to the thumbnail image :wink:


Let’s start with this for test and new version : title, link , summary , thumbnail, and then let’s wait for feature request !