SDI RAW format support

Hi guys, I have a live feed from sdi extender , I get sequences for frames in RAW format, does imageJ support RAW format? And one more thing - can I perform reading from frame stream as I could in OpenCV?

You can import RAW files in ImageJ by default,see:

There is also an alternative version, available, see:

In addition there is also the possibility to use JavaCV or the Java binding to OpenCV to capture the frames (probably with the ffmpeg binding) and then convert the frames to ImageJ images:

Finally, there is also a change that Micro-Manager supports the devices by default:

╬╝Manager is a software package for control of automated microscopes. Together with the image processing application ImageJ, ╬╝Manager provides a comprehensive, freely available, imaging solution

MicroManager supported devices:

OpenCV from within MicroManager: