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Hi everyone

I have just started to programming with imageJ and I think that my best way is to do it with Jython.
I have some qeustion for you .Thanks in advance

  1. I saw that I can get parameter from the users by #@parameters I am attaching a link about this:

Do you have a list of all the types and Data types and the options about this method, because I find it very useful for me, Besides, I didn’t get this kind of work, what is this form of writing #@?
it is not suitable python syntax, is this kind of package?

2.When I use Jython in order to write a script I should import a packages like ij , ij.os ,net.imglib2.util, net.imagej.axis and so on .
My question is, what are thos packages? they are packeges only for imageJ? or maybe the are packeges of Java? and where can I find a source for all thos method that relevant to mt needs? I mean documents or something like that that explain this issue of the packeges, because it is very hard to work without knowing the parameters that the functions get and what are the method of each one.

Thnak you very very much


Hey @microb1

I will try to answer some of your questions… for sure there are others here on the forum that can provide even more insight/details/etc.

They are actually listed on the Script Parameters page in the Parameter types section.

For your second set of questions… I am pretty sure a lot of what you are looking for will be contained within the Jython scripting page of the ImageJ wiki. Also - going through the Development page’s Topics and Guides sections is a great place to start to understand the organization of the ImageJ platform, etc. a lot of the answers to your questions are there as well.

If you have more specific questions about particular packages needed for specific tasks - just let us know what you wish to accomplish with your script - perhaps we can better guide you with more details.