Scripting menu?

I just downloaded a fresh Fiji and found that the Scripting menu including my beloved Beanshell interpreter disappeared. Where’d they go and how can I get them back and why are they gone in the first place?

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A quick forum search for beanshell interpreter brings up the relevant discussion:

In short: use the polyglot script interpreter, or activate the Fiji-legacy update site.

As I also mentioned in a different thread, I recommend to subscribe to the Announcements category here on the forum:


Hi @axtimwalde,

The Fiji-legacy update site.

More detailed explanation in the announcement:


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@imagejan @stelfrich Thanks! I am excited to learn about the new SciJava Interpreter which works like a charm (Thanks @ctrueden!). I missed it because it wasn’t at the expected position in the plugins menu (as pointed out by @iarganda) and nothing came up when using the commend finder to scan for “Beanshell”. In my defense regarding “quick searches”: I used the forum search but for the terms “Beanshell” and “Interpreter” independently and that does not bring up anything related to this question. Also “Scripting Interpreter” brings up the relevant announcement at the third position, quite a read to get there. In short, the forum search really sucks and Google didn’t help either. And finally, I read the announcement when Curtis posted it, but the relevant information slipped me. Thanks again for pointing me at it, and thanks for @albertcardona for the clarifications in his reponse.


It’s not optimal, but it’s far better than searching the old mailing list :smile:

Cheers, and have nice weekend!


Disagree. Just searched for “Beanshell” in my own archive of the standard ImageJ mailing list. Took 3 seconds to pull up 199 emails going back to 2009. Everything simple, in one place, easily searchable. Currently, I have no clue anymore where to look or where to post and when I do, I almost invariably get no response. Guess that I am getting too old for this…

You mean your local email archive? But that does not help new members of the community…


Ideas and PRs for improvements welcome.

Here at is the place to post.

Sorry to hear of your frustration. Can you point us at some unanswered posts where you did not receive needed guidance? Happy to answer now (better late than never).


I feel compelled to point out that I specifically gave you a heads up about this at the time, and you responded directly to it. I’m certainly open to ideas on how to communicate more effectively in the future.

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Sorry, I do not know how to quote in this interface. I do realize that my examples of unanswered questions (below) are not from this forum. However, they are examples of difficulty caused by the increasing fragmentation of the whole open source image analysis community, everyone using their own (multiple) interfaces for communication, actually hampering communication rather than improving it. Personally, I do not see any gain from this forum interface (new users can search the mailing list on nabble, which actually returned the same query much faster than my mail program did, I like mailing lists sitting neatly organized in my email application) but alas, that ship has sailed (just let me be old and grumpy from time to time, and don’t try to convince me that newer is always better;)

Thank you Nico Stuurman!

Why can’t we stick with form follows function?
Do we really need all these bells and whistles that are obscuring the issues?


@ctrueden yes, you did, for which I am more than thankful, and I forgot about it, and then I did not find the new Scripting Interpreter (which is awesome), and then I asked a question and got an answer which is awesome too. And the search function in this forum doesn’t work very well for me but it works better than others. I also like the forum better than the old mailing list, and I like Gitter better for discussion than IRC. I also like how all these fragmented tools interact with each other, particularly how this forum understands Gitter and GitHub and how Gitter understands GitHub. I just wanted to point out that I wasn’t just lazy, but tried for some time before I posted the question. I do not want the good old times back because they weren’t good, just old. Cheers, Stephan


We specifically state at that you should prefer the Forum over other channels of communication.

Your Gitter link did not go anywhere, but I am guessing you mean this post about SPIM Registration? Note that SPIM Registration is a Fiji plugin, so imagej/imagej would not be the best room to use. The ImageJ Forum, on the other hand, is consistently the best place to ask for help.

How would you suggest we improve the situation?

There are many advantages. See here for a discussion:

Certainly you are entitled to be grumpy. But grumpy plus constructive would be more helpful to improve the project. :smile: