Script Running Inconsistently?


I recently wrote a script to overlay a saved results/ROI file onto another image of interest. It was working fine about a month ago, but when I tried it again recently it throws an error and does not recognize the .zip file. I tried a few different things to fix it (essentially how the script calls/opens the .zip file) and got it running, but very inconsistently.

If I run the macro on images within a few folders it never runs. If I shift the directory with the images to my desktop it will run, but barely- around 1/5 of the times I execute it.

I am not sure if this is due to ImageJ or my computer? Has anyone seen this before?


Hi @jenniferbeth,

It’s hard to say. What error message(s) are you seeing exactly?

Are these trials opening the exact same files each time? Can you think of anything that changes between attempts?

Can you share the script that you’re using? It would help to be able to see exactly what’s going on.