Script result icons not showing up on Chrome/Mac

Hi, all,
We are currently updating to OMERO 5.6.0. That upgrade is almost complete. In testing our Python scripts, running through the web interface, I noticed I’m not getting the “result icons” (for example, the folder icon resulting from client.setOutput(“Image”, robject(o))) when I run on a Mac with the Chrome browser. I get the icons in my Safari browser on Mac, my Edge browser on Windows, and even my Chrome browser on Windows. I was hoping someone might know a simple setting or something that I need to tweak.
I cannot say whether this behavior existed before 5.6.0. It is a really minor issue, but it had me stumped, so I thought I’d ask.

Hi Michael,
This sounds like something specific to the specific Chrome browser you’re testing on. Chrome/Mac is the best tested of all browsers since that’s what I develop on, so it should work.
I wonder if something has been cached, and a full refresh of the page might help? Or if you could try Chrome in “Incognito” mode, which won’t use any cached items.
However, I can’t think of any css or js changes that would cause this issue, since the js and css files should be loading the current version e.g. static/webclient/css/layout.css?_5.6.1.
There were some changes to the script results display in 5.6.0
Are your scripts returning multiple Images or other objects?

Thanks, Will,
Clearing the cache/cookies/etc., did seem to resolve the issue. I should have tried that before asking. Thanks for the help. And, to answer your last question, our scripts mostly return a dataset instead of an image, but they return a single dataset.

Hi, All,
I just wanted to add a bit of additional information. When my script hit certain errors, I would return a long error message, which started with a path. The problem seems to be that these long messages cause my “info icon” and other icons to disappear. For example, if my message is three copies of the alphabet , no spaces (78 characters), I lose the icons for all runs (past, present, and future), until I clear the list.
So, in hindsight, my missing icons were probably not related to the browser; just the fact that I returned a long message in my first run on one of the browsers I was testing.

Thanks for the update. I’ve created an issue at

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