Script Parameter @File with style option does not work as described


when I use the following script parameters I expected a little dialog that only allows to select png or jpg files. But instead is displays a dialog that allows me to select all types of files. What do I miss here?

#@ File(label = "Image File", style="extensions:png/jpg") referenceimage

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You are right the option does not seem functional :sweat_smile:
I don’t know if that was always the case, maybe @imagejan has an idea about that.
Otherwise it could be an option to open an issue in scijava-common repo, I think that’s were it belongs.

The extensions style attribute was added when Curtis and I added support for file array parameters (#@ File[] fileList) in this PR:

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it work on single File parameters at that time, it seems. And nobody tested it after the documentation was added by @stelfrich here until now.

Yes, could someone of you take care to add an issue here?


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I commented on this issue

but it did not re-open it :confused:

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