Script for filtering tracks with "Track Angle"

Hello, I’m a new member in this forum. I’m writing a script that can extract the velocity of fluorescent microparticles in a microchannel using the Linear Motion LAP Tracker.

I want to filter out non-straight erroneous tracks using “Track Angle” as one of the parameters. It works quite well using the TrackMate plugin. I’m wondering where I can find the feature name of the “Track Angle”? All the other track features are listed in the source code except for the “Track Angle”.

Thank you for your help.


Hello @flowman

I don’t remember where the Track angle feature come from.
Can you show me screen-shots of the GUI that shows this feature?
Or maybe someone knows where it comes from?

Thank you for your comment.
Here is the screen shot. It was not there a few weeks ago but I found it very recently.


I really did not remember implementing a track angle feature. And for a good reason: I did not.

Ronny did it actually a while ago. I suppose you downloaded his extensions. I found the code here:

Here you will find that the track feature key is simply "TRACK_ANGLE"

I appreciate your help!
Now I can filter non-straight tracks using a script.
TrackMate is a really amazing tool for developer!

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