Script Editor, Update site and Git ?!



The wiki page for the script editor mentions “Git integration” in the programming section.
Any more detail about this feature ?

By the way, would it be possible to use a GitHub repo as an update site ?
Like using the packages in the “release” section. Indeed most update sites also have a Github repo while the version of the update site is sometime outdated compared to the repo…
It would make the process smoother without the need to do both a github and an update site release.


At the moment you will need to use Travis’ continuous integration to upload to an update site, SciView has an example of this. I would not expect this feature to be added, but it is quite easy to do with Travis.


I think this refers to the Git menu that shows up in the editor menu when you open a script file from a git repository:


I’ve never used this functionality, and it still dates back to the times when Fiji’s source code was living in a gitweb repository on, so I’m not sure how useful it is today. Development efforts have been going in different directions, and the plans of making the script editor a full-fledged development environment were dropped in favor of IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ.

As @kephale mentioned, you need to setup your repo to use Travis. The example he referred to is here:


Hmm ok not so straightforward yet but good to know.


There is a nice wiki page about that actually !