Script Editor + Interpreter split to its own SciJava component

At the request of @dietzc—and because it is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now—I split the Script Editor and Script Interpreter code out of imagej-ui-swing and scijava-ui-swing respectively, and put them into their own dedicated component: scijava/script-editor.

I was careful to preserve the entire Git history for all relevant code. I moved the fiji/Script_Editor project to scijava/script-editor so that the existing few issues & PRs were preserved, as well. (Of course, I could not migrate any related PRs from imagej-ui-swing or scijava-ui-swing.) I also extended the history back further, including a sanitized version of the original Google Summer of Code 2009 commits that originally birthed the Fiji Script Editor. So now Sumit Dubey’s initial efforts are reflected much more accurately in the history.

I updated all downstream components that depended on Script Editor classes to use the new version, and cut new versions of those components. I believe it is the case right now that fiji/fiji is sane and fully updated to use the scijava/script-editor component. Please let me know if you notice otherwise.

I did not yet upload any of these newly released components to the Java-8 update site, since doing so is not urgent. I will do so within the next few weeks, or when it becomes necessary, whichever comes first.

This new structure should make it easier for downstream projects to consume the Script Editor and Script Interpreter UI components without bringing in extra irrelevant dependencies.


Thanks @ctrueden. This is wonderful!

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