Script editor error with python

Hi all, this question is basically the same as:

When running a python script for the first time the following error comes up: console: Failed to install ‘’: java.nio.charset.UnsupportedCharsetException: cp0.

Is the only way to solve it via using -Dpython.console.encoding=UTF-8 when opening ImageJ via the command line? If so could someone tell me how to do this more explicitly as I dont have much experience using the command line (I can use it to open ImageJ but that is all).
Is there a way of solving this error permanently?

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Still have this problem, and I haven’t got a permanent solution on my side…

In my experience, this message can safely be ignored. Python works fine even if this message is thrown whenever running a Python script from the editor.

Please, any of the affected persons, if you continue being annoyed by this, submit a pull request (or at least open an issue) incorporating the command line parameter suggested by @ctrueden here:

I think this should most likely go to imagej-launcher.

@emartini can you confirm that starting from the command line with the above flag works for you?


Just opened an issue :wink:


Follow Up : The issue was solved in the new ImageJ-launcher version, however I am wondering when can we expect the next release of this launcher to have the issue fixed in Fiji in fine